4 Useful Services Offered By Medical Clinics

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Even if you have never had to visit your local medical clinic, it’s good to know what services they offer in case you find yourself unable to visit your primary care physician. Medical clinics offer fast, easy and affordable care, and have a host of services that many people may not be aware of. Keep reading below to discover four useful services offered by medical clinics that may be of use to you in the future.  Physical Exams You don’t need to schedule an appointment with your personal doctor for something as routine as a physical exam. Just walk in to your local medical clinic and have it done in a matter of minutes. Physical exams are required for quite a few different people — whether you’re starting a new job that wants you to take a physical before you start, or a you’re a high school athlete who needs a doctor’s approval to play before the season starts, a medical clinic has you covered. Flu Shots Medical clinics are also a fast and affordable way to get your annual vaccination against influenza. A flu shot protects you by developing antibodies that fight against the influenza virus and allow you to continue enjoying your health. Also, you virtually never need an appointment to get a flu shot, so there’s no reason not to visit your local medical clinic when the time comes.  X-Rays Almost all medical clinics offer a dedicated x-ray suites where patients can have x-rays taken within minutes. If you believe you have suffered an injury and need an x-ray to determine the extent of it, a visit to your local medical clinic will help you avoid the sky high cost of a traditional hospital visit, while simultaneously allowing you to enjoy high quality medical care. While x-rays at medical centers aren’t free, you’ll never find yourself paying exorbitant fees either. Many centers now also offer digital x-rays, meaning you can have a portable, transferable copy for your personal records.    Hearing Exams Regular hearing exams are important, and vital to diagnosing serious problems before they become permanent. Fortunately, medical clinics have in-house audiometers to perform hearing tests for customers with a variety of needs — whether you need to get a hearing test before starting a job, or you want track the hearing loss that often develops with age, a medical clinic, like Summit View Clinic, can give you the necessary tests and have you out the door in no...

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3 Things Other Than Medication That Can Help Treat PCOS

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If you have been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), you are not alone. In the United States, up to one out of 10 women of childbearing age have PCOS, and symptoms of the disease may present in girls as young as 11 years old. The disease, which is characterized by acne, facial hair growth, male pattern baldness, obesity and lack of menstruation, can cause a woman to be infertile. There are treatments that may be prescribed by a gynecologist to treat the disease, such as birth control pills, diabetes medications, and fertility drugs. However, there are things other than medication that can help treat PCOS. Here are a few: Lose Weight Losing weight can help restore menstrual cycle regularity in a woman with PCOS. However, due to insulin resistance, weight loss may be more difficult than it is for people without the disease. Insulin resistance causes the body to secrete large amounts of insulin to control blood sugar. Although the blood sugar may remain normal, the large amounts of insulin in the blood stream can cause the body to gain weight more easily. Still, you can lose weight by limiting your caloric intake, watching your diet and exercising or through bariatric surgery. Eat Fewer Refined Carbohydrates Refined carbohydrates, such as sweets, white rice, and white bread, cause the release of large amounts of insulin. You can reduce the number of refined carbohydrates you eat by choosing vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, dairy and meats. Your diet doesn’t have to be extremely restrictive to be effective against PCOS. The removal of simple carbohydrates can reduce the number insulin spikes that your body undergoes. In addition, the addition of more vegetables and fresh fruit to your diet can quickly lower your overall caloric intake to help you lose weight. Exercise If you have PCOS, exercise can help your cells become more sensitive to insulin. As a result, less insulin is secreted by your body to control your blood sugar. Studies show that exercise with or without weight loss reduces insulin resistance. Still, you should exercise regularly. The positive impact of exercise tends to dissipate within 48 to 72 hours of your last workout. If you suffer from PCOS, there are things you can do to help control the disease. If you suspect that you have PCOS but have not been officially diagnosed, schedule an appointment with a gynecologist in your area for...

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3 Reasons To Get Locally Required Vaccinations Even If You Plan To Move Abroad

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If you are the parent of a baby or small child and you plan to move abroad in the near future, you may be wondering whether you should start your child on the standard vaccinations suggested in the United States or follow the regime that is used in the country you plan to move to. Ideally, your child will receive comprehensive vaccines that are suggested in both the United States and their new home, and here are three reasons why.  Your Child Will Likely Spend Time Around Other Expats When Americans move abroad, they rarely isolate themselves completely from an international community. This means that your child will likely have other American friends, who may travel back and forth to the United States more often than your family. This means that your child is at risk for the same diseases that a child growing up on American soil would usually be exposed to, and should get the vaccinations to prevent them.  Your Family May Wish to Return to the United States  Although your plan to move abroad may be permanent at the moment, there is still a chance that your child will want to return to the United States in the future. If your child returns to the U.S. to study, they may be required to get all of the vaccinations that they skip now. To save them the hassle of catching up on vaccinations later in life, it may be better to follow the standard schedule for youth vaccinations now.  Your Child Should Be Protected Before You Leave Many vaccinations protect against common childhood diseases. This means that your child is likely to get these diseases at a young age. For the best protection, they should get the appropriate vaccinations as soon as possible. This will help protect them while you are preparing for your move abroad.  If you plan to move abroad, it is important that you talk with your doctor about appropriate vaccinations for both you and your children. Your doctor will be able to work out a vaccination schedule that helps protect your family, gives you the required vaccinations for both locations, and does not put too much stress on your immune system.  While you are abroad, you may want to find a doctor experienced with the American vaccination schedule to complete any necessary boosters or series that your child has started before you left. For more information, talk to a professional like Rocky Mountain Family...

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